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Global TCSM - Technical Counter Surveillance, Eavesdropping Detection, Bug Sweeping, comsec, Surveillance Countermeasure services! We are located in Chicago Illinois but offer

Digital Wireless

Cell Phone Spy Software, Covert Night Vision Cams, GSP Tracking, Portable DVR Recording kits, Super High Gain and Shotgun Microphones. It sounds like something from the latest spy movie or some sort of military intelligence, right? Not anymore.

The Internet

has made this equipment easily accessible as well as affordable to the general public and moved spying and tracking incidents from the international spy novel to your home, your office, your car or child's dorm room.

And the people purchasing this equipment are not Hollywood actors or Military Spies.

They are Predators

And you are their victim

We at Global TSCM can eliminate these hidden dangers

With our staff having over 30 years experience in the intelligence community, we are here to give you peace of mind and help you get back your privacy! Please check out our "About Page" to learn more!

Global TSCM of Illinois
300 North Lasalle St
Chicago Il 60654

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